• FERG 600x1200mm $8500 SOLD
    FERG This light hearted painting is a representation of the fond memories we had growing up on the lands of Hawkes Bay. Old Fergies were very common at beaches and on farms, they are what most of us learnt to drive on, feeding out hay etc. Ferg has a lovely balance between male and female energy which helps the appeal for both genders.
  • Shearing Time 1200mmx900mm $11500 SOLD
    Shearing Time is a visual insight to where the paintings are leading. Into a world of peace, calm and all things lovely. They will be bringing back the grand beauty of what we wish to see in the world, that has been lost in industry. These future paintings will help us to see our true reality, a better and higher way of contributing to society.
  • Birds and the Bees 600x400mm $2800 SOLD
    This little piece was inspired by New Zealand's native birds and the ongoing nature of balancing their natural environment with the encroaching demands of our society on the land.
  • Swanning About 800x600mm $6200 SOLD
    This unique painting was inspired by the idea that maybe one day we will all roam freely and safely, united as one world.This painting celebrates the diversity of cultures, how privileged we are to enjoy and explore our beautiful globe.
  • To Bee 500x400mm $2500 SOLD
    This lovely painting signifies the state of our bee population. These days it is encouraging to see more and more beekeepers joining the movement towards turning around these little beings numbers, to ensure we all have a future.
  • Bailing Out 800mmx600mm $5400 SOLD
    A commissioned piece I hold dear to my heart. This piece emphasis's the importance to enjoy the simple things in life and to take the opportunity to bale out for a moment and play!
  • Down to the Wire 1360x455mm $10300
    Down to the Wire portrays a sense of urgency. Although it is calm and tranquil to look at, the underlying message is testing the limits of our existence.Our endurance to seek and maintain a healthy balance in our lives through connecting with nature.