GALLERY 2015-20

  • In the Tea Leaves 720mmx600mm $5,800
    This piece represents a transition from who we are now, into who we can become. This is not only in the sense of becoming better people but also improving as a whole, and having the foresight to see the bigger picture.
    'In the Tea Leaves' portrays a connected awareness as a global community and shows the importance of protecting nature and the animals we are responsible for.
  • Call of the Night 800mmx600mm $5,800 SOLD
    Our iconic native owl the Ruru. This paintings moody atmosphere was inspired by the haunting call of this cute little owl.
    In Māori tradition this nocturnal bird of prey was seen as a watchful guardian. It belonged to the spirit world as it is a bird of the night. Although the more-pork or ruru call was thought to be a good sign, the high pitched, piercing, ‘yelp’ call was thought to be an ominous forewarning of bad news or events.
  • National Treasures 600mmx400mm $3,200 SOLD
    In a similar vein to 'Birds and the Bees', this painting celebrates and holds our native birds dear. It puts a spotlight on the importance of their protection. It also emphasises the constant need for balance in our environment and learning to better live alongside nature.
    This piece is a portrait off shoot inspired by 'Birds and the Bees.'
  • A Watchful Eye 569mmx538mm $4,000 SOLD
    This painting was inspired by the natural surroundings of the Marlborough landscape and the way the New Zealand Karearea (Falcon) have become such an identity in this region.
    There are now several trusts created, both locally and nationally, to protect and encourage their numbers to grow.
    Karearea are the country’s most threatened bird of prey, with only 3000 breeding pairs remaining.
    This initiative was established by a joint effort between vineyard owners and The Department of Conservation, to determine whether the conservation of one of New Zealand’s foremost natural apex predators- the Karearea- could not only survive sustainably within an agricultural landscape, but also thrive by being relocated from their natural surroundings in hill country to a vineyard environment.
    The results have been encouraging; showing a mutually beneficial scenario for conservation and for vineyards.
    Karearea in vineyard nests had a higher attendance, higher brooding rates, and higher feeding rates than Karearea in hill nests.
    The Karearea nesting in vineyards also suffer lower predation rates than their counterparts in the hills, who are exposed to the likes of stoats, ferrets and feral cats.
    The presence of Karearea in vineyards contributed to an economically significant reduction in the number of European pest birds (by 78-83%), therefore reducing grape damage costs by around $350/ha.
  • Staging no Bounds 530mmx500mm $3,400 SOLD
    'Staging no Bounds' plays with the idea of living beyond your boundaries and building the confidence to enjoy the freedoms that can come with thinking outside the box. Why do ballerinas need to be restricted to a stage, when there are plenty of landscapes they could dance across?
    This painting celebrates these views, along with the evolution and innovation that comes from having these thoughts and actions. They are there to inspire and encourage us to open up to our limitless potential.
  • In the Wake of Formality 1200mmx600mm $12,500 SOLD
    This lovely piece represents a shift away from the shackles of formality and materialism; heading instead towards a path of contentment and freedom through simplistic minimalism.
  • No Junk Mail 600x400mm $3,200 SOLD
    This fun little creation was inspired by a previous piece and scanned due to popular demand for prints. No Junk Mail is a respectful reflection on where we need to focus our attention towards the future. This is for the generations of people to come. As we learn from the past to establish better practices and protect these generations and our natural environment going forward.
  • A Kiwi Dream 569x533mm $3,200 SOLD
    This piece was inspired by the New Zealand culture, referred to as 'Kiwiana'. This culture reflects the simplicity of most New Zealander's up bringing. We are surrounded by a beautiful environment, and as a child growing up in the 1980's, we were encouraged to get fully immersed in our natural surroundings; whether it was the beach, mountains, rivers and forests.
    This piece portrays a simple window into that era, when time was more freely accessible and slow. A time to be treasured and cherished.
  • FERG 600x1200mm $8,500 SOLD
    This light hearted painting is a representation of the fond memories we had growing up on the lands of Hawkes Bay. Old Fergies were very common at beaches and on farms. They are what most of us learnt to drive on, feeding out hay etc.
    Ferg has a lovely balance between male and female energy which helps the appeal for both genders.
  • Shearing Time 1200mmx900mm $11,500 SOLD
    Shearing Time is a visual insight to where the paintings are leading. Into a world of peace, calm and all things lovely. They will be bringing back the grand beauty of what we wish to see in the world, that has been lost to industry.
    These future paintings will help us to see our true reality; a better and higher way of contributing to society.
  • Birds and the Bees 600x400mm $2,800 SOLD
    This little piece was inspired by New Zealand's native birds and the ongoing nature of balancing their natural environment with the encroaching demands of our society on the land.
  • Swanning About 800x600mm $6,200 SOLD
    This unique painting was inspired by the idea that maybe one day we will all roam freely and safely, united as one world.This painting celebrates the diversity of cultures, how privileged we are to enjoy and explore our beautiful globe.
  • To Bee 500x400mm $2500 SOLD
    This lovely painting signifies the state of our bee population. These days it is encouraging to see more and more beekeepers joining the movement towards turning around these little beings numbers, to ensure we all have a future.
  • Bailing Out 800mmx600mm $5,400 SOLD
    A commissioned piece I hold dear to my heart.
    This piece emphasis's the importance to enjoy the simple things in life and to take the opportunity to bail out for a moment and play!
  • Down to the Wire 1360x455mm $10,300 SOLD
    Down to the Wire portrays a sense of urgency. Although it is calm and tranquil to look at, the underlying message is testing the limits of our existence.Our endurance to seek and maintain a healthy balance in our lives through connecting with nature.
  • The High Road 1075mmx650mm $9,500 SOLD
    The High Road is full of all kinds of symbolism and representation of a persons state of being. Although, there is the red carpet and the fancy harnesses on the horses, there is also a humbling side, the old coach. Keeping the ego in check.
  • Apples of my Eye 400mmx800mm $3,500 SOLD
    This commission was created for a lovely family who wanted to symbolise not only their family unit but the ones they want to remember, and hold dear in their hearts. They are represented as the apples in the family tree, the houses are themselves, portraying their individual personalities, and the love they have for each other, and their pets.