A Watchful Eye 569mmx538mm $4,000 SOLD

A Watchful Eye 569mmx538mm $4,000 SOLD
This painting was inspired by the natural surroundings of the Marlborough landscape and the way the New Zealand Karearea (Falcon) have become such an identity in this region.
There are now several trusts created, both locally and nationally, to protect and encourage their numbers to grow.
Karearea are the country’s most threatened bird of prey, with only 3000 breeding pairs remaining.
This initiative was established by a joint effort between vineyard owners and The Department of Conservation, to determine whether the conservation of one of New Zealand’s foremost natural apex predators- the Karearea- could not only survive sustainably within an agricultural landscape, but also thrive by being relocated from their natural surroundings in hill country to a vineyard environment.
The results have been encouraging; showing a mutually beneficial scenario for conservation and for vineyards.
Karearea in vineyard nests had a higher attendance, higher brooding rates, and higher feeding rates than Karearea in hill nests.
The Karearea nesting in vineyards also suffer lower predation rates than their counterparts in the hills, who are exposed to the likes of stoats, ferrets and feral cats.
The presence of Karearea in vineyards contributed to an economically significant reduction in the number of European pest birds (by 78-83%), therefore reducing grape damage costs by around $350/ha.

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