GALLERY 2021-25

  • Attitude in the Alps 500mmx397mm $2,800 SOLD
    This cheeky, charismatic native bird would have to be one of my favorites. They are another one of our national treasures, we are so lucky to have to privilege to protect these rare creatures. I painted this piece to celebrate this much loved bird, and bring awareness to the importance of their survival.
  • A Box of Birds 950mmx750mm $9,500 SOLD
    This is a commissioned painting inspired by past pieces such as 'Down to the Wire' and 'No Junk Mail'. The couple that commissioned this were torn between a painting with letterboxes or native birds. It was a easy fix to combine both themes, and 'A Box of Birds' unfolded.
    I realized that others would also enjoy this fun loving painting. Therefore to share it, I decided to add the meaningful details important to them after it was scanned for prints, leaving them with their own special version.