New Paintings


  • The Simple Joys 651mmx247mm $2,200 SOLD
    With society’s ongoing struggle with mental health and the uncertainty of the world right now, I thought this was a timely opportunity to present these works; with this being the first painting in this series. I have had this concept floating around in my mind for the last 10 years, and I’ve finally figured out how to portray this theme in it’s purest form. The overarching idea is to bring a sense of calm to the chaos we live in, by enabling us to take the time to enjoy the simple joys in life. It presents us as we are in our truest form within the natural world, and strips away any attachments or preconceived notions we may have made about ourselves; to enjoy our world with a sense of peace and wellbeing.
  • Bathing Bliss 500mmx400mm $2,800 SOLD
    This is the second painting in my 'Joy' series, following on from 'The Simple Joys'. Bathing Bliss's inspiration is drawn from the simple need, and ability to find the joy in the little things in life. The magic is found in these moments.